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If you’re a frontend web developer, you’ve probably encountered a client at some point who wanted custom website functionality you weren’t sure how to provide.

IntegrationMaybe they wanted an existing plugin to do something the settings didn’t allow for. Or maybe they wanted their site to perform a specific set of tasks that you couldn’t find a plugin for. Or maybe they just wanted to change how WordPress did something on the backend of their site.

There are a variety of situations that call for a backend developer who is experienced in the more technical aspects of a website. That’s where I come in! I’ve partnered with many web designers over the years on projects large and small to provide the custom functionality their clients need.

My five-star rated WordPress plugin Dynamic User Directory is an example of the quality programming you can expect when I work on your client’s project. My skill set includes PHP, MySQL, JQuery, Javascript, CSS. I’ve also built many WordPress websites from the ground up and made a variety of changes to the WordPress backend. Below is just a sampling of the website features I’ve provided for my clients:

  Custom data entry forms for inserting, updating, or deleting MySQL database information
  CMS tools for filtering, sorting & displaying database info
  File uploader for images and text files with custom post-upload processing
  Database information exported to .xls file
  Custom email generation triggered by a specific website action 
  Extra columns added to WordPress admin backend screens
  Extra menu links added to WordPress admin dashboard
  Business directory built with information provided by a daily JSON data dump
Want to learn more? Send me an email or use the contact form below to see if I can help you with your next project. No job is too small. If it’s in my wheelhouse and I have availability, I’ll give you a quote and we can get started ASAP!