Website Troubleshooting

Web applications of all kinds can have glitches that keep them from working properly. Some bugs you might encounter on your website include database connection errors, emails not sending, pages not opening, or other unexpected behavior when your website is performing a task.

Often the original programmer is no longer available, making it quite challenging to pinpoint and fix the issue. This is where I can help. I’ve spent much my 15-year programming career hunting down and fixing website software bugs.

Hiring an experienced web programmer is the best way to solve the problem without inadvertently breaking other parts of your website. If you have encountered an error on your site, contact me with the following information to ensure the quickest possible resolution:

Magnifying Glass1. A detailed description of the error (e.g. the page is supposed to do X but instead it is doing Y)
2. URL of the page with the error
3. The type of browser you are using
4. How to reproduce the problem (if possible)
5. The most recent changes made to your website (e.g. any recent software updates, code changes, etc)

I charge by the hour in 30-minute increments to fix website bugs. As any programmer will tell you, it is virtually impossible to predict ahead of time exactly how long it will take to fix a problem. Some resolutions are simple and quick while others can be very time consuming.


I was stuck on a website project for one of my clients and I hired Sarah to help me with it. She was amazing to work with and solved the problem immediately. She also created a plugin that made the website function better. She is very easy to work with and responds very quickly. Due to her professionalism, I will definitely work with her again!

Al Lawati Digital Marketing Consultant Geeky Devils Web Solutions June 15, 2017

Dynamic User Directory is a fantastic plugin. This plugin is the only one, out of countless others I had tested, that worked and gave me the ability to add different meta fields. The plugin is easy to use, customizable, and feature rich. A few months later I reached out to Sarah to add a few specific coding changes and she was more than happy to help at a very affordable price. She was easy to work with and efficient. I definitely recommend this plugin as it adds a robust member directory to your website.

Larry Snow International Security Driver Association, Inc. June 15, 2017

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