Website Development

Website Development

Website Development

Looking to showcase your content with a polished and user-friendly website? Does your site require data-driven interaction with the end user or other back-end tasks? If so, you are in the market for a professional web developer.

I create professional WordPress websites for individuals, small businesses, clubs, and organizations that are seeking high quality work at reasonable rates.

I use the trusted WordPress platform to craft my clients' websites. For the visual side of a WordPress website, I assist my clients in selecting the theme (a pre-defined webpage style) best suited to their needs. Then I customize things like color palettes, layout, and typography according to their taste. Finally, I add original graphics, CSS animations, slideshows, and other visual elements as requested. The final product will be visually stunning and entirely unique to their vision.

The functional side of a website is all of the work that goes on behind the scenes. It includes things like updating your data, uploading files, managing your users, handling your online store transactions, and any other tasks your website may need to perform.

I develop a website's functionality with PHP programming, which is used to create custom software that will fit your precise specifications. Below are just a few examples of the functionality that I can code for your website:

  • Content Management Tools such as sorting and filtering stored data according to your specific parameters
  • Custom web forms for tasks such as uploading files, storing or modifying your business data, sending emails, and more.
  • File uploads & exports
  • User Registration & Admin Approval System
  • User Role Management System
  • Online Storefront or Shopping Cart

Have questions about my web development services? Drop me a note using the inquiry form at the bottom of the page, or click here to contact me. For a FREE estimate to find out how much it would cost to build your website, you can request a quote here.


I was stuck on a website project for one of my clients and I hired Sarah to help me with it. She was amazing to work with and solved the problem immediately. She also created a plugin that made the website function better. She is very easy to work with and responds very quickly. Due to her professionalism, I will definitely work with her again!

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