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Below is a list of planned features and new add-ons for the Dynamic User Directory suite of software. Please note that these are not in any particular order and they do not all necessarily have a planned release timeline. Don’t see a feature you want? Send me a feature request and I will consider adding it to the list.

Dynamic User Directory Plugin
  • Ability to display and search on MemberPress subscription statuses
  • Ability to show user’s WP display name in the listings when directory is sorted by last name
Multiple Directories Add-On
  • Sort directory instance listbox on settings page alphabetically
Custom Sort Add-On
  • Option to show alphabet links rather than category links (clicking an alphabet link would change the sort to order by last name for the selected link, instead of by the custom sort field)
  • Ability to sort a numeric field
  • Ability to sub-sort directory on a second meta field in addition to last name/display name
Horizontal Layout Add-On
  • Allow columns to display multiple fields
Meta Fields Search Add-On
  • Ability to configure a complex search with two or more search input fields
Exclude User Filter Add-On
  • Ability to exclude users based on two meta fields instead of just one
  • Restructure filter to improve page load time for directories with a large volume of users (1000+)
Planned New Add-Ons
  • Extra Meta Fields
  • Grid Layout