DUD Upcoming Features

DUD Planned Features

Below is a list of planned features and new add-ons for the Dynamic User Directory suite of software. Please note that these are not in any particular order and they do not all necessarily have a planned release timeline. To see new features coming in the near future, please check the "Coming Soon" section of the main DUD Plugin page.

Dynamic User Directory Plugin
  • Ability to display and search on MemberPress subscription statuses
  • Ability to display the user roles for a given user
  • Ability to show user's WP display name in the listings when directory is sorted by last name
Multiple Directories Add-On
  • Sort directory instance listbox on settings page alphabetically
Custom Sort Add-On
  • Option to show alphabet links rather than category links
    • Clicking an alphabet link would change the sort to order by last name for the selected link, instead of by the custom sort field
  • Ability to sort a numeric field
  • Ability to sub-sort directory on a second meta field in addition to last name/display name
Horizontal Layout Add-On
  • Allow columns to display multiple fields
Exclude User Filter Add-On
  • Ability to exclude users based on two meta fields instead of just one
  • Restructure filter to improve page load time for directories with a large volume of users (1000+)
Planned New Add-Ons
  • Extra Meta Fields (Tentative Release in Summer/Fall 2022)
  • Grid Layout