DUD Meta Fields Search Add-On Change Log

DUD Planned Features

Version 3.0 (Released 3/22/21)
  • Fixed: Search was not returning results when searching a meta field containing an apostrophe.
Version 2.9 (Released 1/20/21)
  • New Feature: Added infrastructure for the new Directory Export add-on.
  • Fixed: When using the pre-configured search value dropdown, the dropdown wasn't showing the selected search value after the search was run.
Version 2.8 (Released 11/30/20)
  • Fixed: The "general search" option was not working properly for sites using S2Member fields. The code has been corrected.
Version 2.7 (Released 2/19/20)
  • Fixed: The new search type "matches search value" was not working properly in certain situations. This has been fixed.
Version 2.6 (Released 2/17/20)
  • Fixed: When doing a general search, S2Member and BuddyPress searches returned no results when searching on the WordPress meta field "first_name." This has been corrected.
  • New Feature: You may choose from three "search types" for each search field: 1) Contains search value, 2) Starts with search value, or 3) matches search value. This allows you greater or lesser search precision per field based upon your needs.
  • New Feature: The "WordPress email address field" drop down allows you to include this field as a search option if desired.
  • New Feature: You can now create a search drop down with predefined values that will replace the search input box for a given meta field. This is accomplished by entering a list of comma separated option values and matching option labels to specify the available search options.
  • New Feature: A new CSS style template has been created in addition to the legacy template. It must be used if your search will include a search dropdown with predefined values. It may also optionally be used for any other type of search.
Version 3.2 (Released 4/01/22)
  • Fixed: The front-end JQuery script that is loaded when the search is configured to show a dropdown list of search values was being deleted whenever a new DUD update is run. This file has been moved to the folder "dynamic-user-directory-srch-js" in the plugins directory to ensure the file is not deleted.