Dynamic User Directory FAQ

Dynamic User Directory FAQ

Which membership plugins are compatible with Dynamic User Directory?

DUD is compatiple with any membership plugin that uses the standard wp_usermeta table to store the user profile meta data (i.e. custom profile fields). I have personally confirmed that the following plugins store their meta data in this way: Paid Member Subscriptions, WP-Members, WP User, User Registration, MemberPress, Profile Builder, and Ultimate Member. There are many more such plugins compatible with DUD, since it is common to use the built-in WordPress meta fields system.

However, some membership plugins store user profile meta data in their own unique database tables or in a unique format. Of these, DUD is currently compatible with BuddyPress Extended Profile Fields, S2Member Custom Profile Fields, and Cimy User Extra Fields.

Is there a quick way to tell if DUD is compatible with my membership plugin?

Yes! Install and activate DUD, then navigate to the plugin settings page. Now look for the “WordPress Meta Key Names” listbox under the “Meta Fields Settings” section. If you see your custom meta field key names listed in this box, DUD is compatible with your setup and you can proceed to configure the directory.

Is your plugin compatible with a WordPress Multisite Network setup?

Yes! DUD is fully compatible with WP Multisite for those sites that centrally manage their plugin data.

Is there a way to add extra meta fields to the plugin?

Not at this time. However, there are plans to release an add-on that will give you 10 extra meta fields. This is tentatively scheduled for development in the Fall of 2021.

Is there a way to allow members to choose which profile fields are visible in the directory?

The method for selecting profile field visibility varies depending on which membership plugin you are using. Unfortunately, given the vast number of membership plugins, there is no way to standardize this ability for use across all platforms within the DUD plugin.

Will this plugin support non-English languages?

Not at this time.

How can I show a different profile picture instead of the WordPress avatar?

The free version of DUD only shows WordPress avatars. However, a new Custom Avatar add-on will be released soon (June 2021). If you are storing the URL to the desired profile image as a meta field for each user, then this add-on will allow you to display it instead of the WordPress avatar.

Does this plugin let me create custom meta fields for the user profile?

Dynamic User Directory does not create user meta fields. It strictly displays pre-existing user profile information in a searchable directory format. To create custom meta fields on the user registration & profile pages, which in turn can be displayed by Dynamic User Directory, you’ll need a membership plugin such as Profile Builder, User Registration, or Ultimate Member.

Once your custom fields have been added to the user registration/profile page, simply enter the meta field names on the DUD settings page to show the corresponding meta field values in the directory.

How do I link each member to a custom profile page that I’ve created?

Custom profile pages vary depending on your unique setup (including things like the membership plugin you use and other variables). There is no standard URL format for a member profile page, and therefore no way for DUD to generate a link to it automatically within the plugin.

Can your Meta Field Search add-on do an advanced search with multiple search values?

This add-on only allows you to enter one search value at a time.