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Q: I have members on my site but my directory is totally empty and it shows the message “There are no users in the directory at this time.”

A: There are a few reasons this could be happening. 1) Users must have the “Last Name” field filled out on their WordPress profile page in order to appear in the directory. Please verify that you have at least one user with the Last Name filled out. 2) If you have selected to hide certain user roles, you may have accidentally hidden all your users from the directory. Try deselecting those roles to see if users appear in your directory. You may need to modify which users get which roles.

Q: I can only see the member names listed in the directory. None of the meta field values are showing up.

A: You may be using a membership plugin that is incompatible with DUD. One way to verify that your membership plugin is compatible is to open the DUD plugin settings page and look for the “WordPress Meta Key Names” listbox under the “Meta Fields Settings” section. If you see your custom meta field key names listed in this box, DUD is compatible with your setup. If your plugin is compatible with DUD, you should also confirm that the meta fields you wish to show in the directory actually have values stored in them when you open a member’s WordPress user profile.

Q: I put the DUD shortcode on my BuddyPress “Members” page but nothing shows up when I publish the page.

A: The DUD shortcode will not work on the BuddyPress “Members” page. This page is dedicated to the BuddyPress member directory and it will override the DUD shortcode. Simply create a brand new page and place the DUD shortcode there and it should work fine. It will still pull in your BuddyPress fields in the directory listings.

Q: Some members are not showing up in my directory and I can’t figure out why.

A: The most common reason members don’t show up in the directory is that they do not have a Last Name entered on their WordPress profile. To confirm, pick a user who is not showing up and check their WordPress profile page (not the profile page of your membership plugin) for the last name field. If it’s empty, fill it out and then see if they show up in the directory. Some of the known issues related to the WordPress Last Name field are listed below:

BuddyPress – If you installed BuddyPress on a site with existing users, BuddyPress may be clearing out the last name field in the WordPress profile when a user updates their BuddyPress extended profile. This is because BuddyPress collects a “Name” field that is separate from the WordPress profile field. For more information, please see this article: https://sgcustomwebsolutions.com/blog/stop-buddypress-from-clearing-wordpress-last-name-field/

MemberPress – If you are collecting member signups using a MemberPress form, make sure that MemberPress is updating the last name field in the WordPress profile.

Another possible reason users are not showing up may be due to the way you configured the directory. If you are excluding members either by user role or by rules specified in the Exclude User add-on, it’s possible your restrictions are excluding certain members unexpectedly. You can turn “Debug Mode” to “On” in the DUD settings and visit your directory page to get an idea of who is being excluded. If you cannot decipher the debug output, copy and paste it into an email and send to me for evaluation.

Q: Does DUD Create a Profile Page for each user?

A: No. But DUD does offer the ability to link each user to the WordPress author page, the BuddyPress profile page, or the BuddyPress activity page. This option is found in the “Listing Display Settings” section of the DUD settings page.

Q: Can I link each user to a custom profile page I have created?

A: DUD currently does not have the ability to link to profile pages other than the WordPress author page or the BuddyPress profile or activity pages.

Q: Why are user avatars not showing up properly in my directory?

A: There is a known conflict between DUD and some Lazy Loader plugins, so if you have a lazy loader plugin installed on your site, please try disabling it.

Q: How can I style individual lines of data in a directory listing?

A: DUD wraps each line of data in a unique CSS class tag that can be defined in your own custom CSS for styling purposes. You can locate these by opening your browser’s web developer tools and then clicking on the field you wish to style to view the class name.

Q: Where do I find documentation for the DUD plugin?

A: The DUD plugin settings page contains built in documentation. This is in the form of lengthy text descriptions next to each field, as well as detailed instructions on certain settings where needed. There is also a “Quick Start Guide” pdf located on this page: https://sgcustomwebsolutions.com/wordpress-plugin-development/

Custom Sort Field Add-On

Q: I’ve installed and activated the Custom Sort Field add-on but I do not see any custom sort settings on the DUD plugin settings page.

A: To view the Custom Sort Field Settings, you must first check the “Use Custom Sort Field” box located under the “Main Directory Settings” section. Then a new “Custom Sort Field Settings” section will appear just below this section.

Q: I am trying to achieve a Custom Sort Field configuration matching one of the demos shown on your website. How do I do this?

A: I have included a screenshot of the entire DUD settings page for each demo on the site. This is found in the “Settings” link next to the demo name.

Q: How do I get the alphabet letter links to show up at the top of the directory when I sort the directory by a custom sort field?

A: Right now the Custom Sort Field add-on does not allow you to show the alphabet letter links at the top. Instead, it displays category links corresponding to each category available (e.g. if your field is Department, it might show category links for Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, etc.). A future update will provide the option to show the alphabet links instead of the category links.

Meta Fields Search Add-On

Q: The Meta Fields Search has suddenly stopped working. How do I fix it?

A: If the Meta Fields Search is not working or is acting unusual, try opening the DUD settings page and then simply click “Save.” This will make sure the necessary JavaScript file is in place. Then clear your browser’s cache and try running the search again.

Q: The search box doesn’t show up on my directory, even though I have the Meta Fields Search Settings filled out.

A: Under the Main Directory Settings section, make sure you have checked the “Directory Search” box.