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If you’re a frontend web developer, at some point you’ve probably encountered clients who wanted their site to do something you weren’t sure how to accomplish.

Maybe they wanted to customize an existing plugin beyond what the settings allowed for. Or maybe they wanted a brand new plugin that would perform a set of custom tasks, but you couldn’t find exactly what they were looking for. Or maybe they just wanted to change how WordPress did something on the backend of their site. 

There are a variety of situations that call for a backend developer who is experienced in the more technical aspects of a website. That’s where I come in! I’ve partnered with many web designers over the years on projects large and small to provide the custom functionality their clients need.   My five-star rated WordPress plugin Dynamic User Directory is an example of the kind of work I’ll bring to the table. My skill set includes PHP, MySQL, JQuery, Javascript, CSS. And I’ve done a lot of work on various aspects of the WordPress admin backend. 

Below is a sampling of the website features I’ve coded using PHP:

  Custom data entry forms for inserting, updating, or deleting MySQL database information
  CMS tools for filtering, sorting & displaying database info
  File uploader for image and text files
  Digital image files exported from the server to a .zip file
  Database information exported to .xls file
  Alphabetized member directory sorted by clickable letters
  Newsletter email generation with cc, bcc, attachments, and embedded images
  Custom defined user roles with configurable page permissions

Read more about the work I’ve done with PHP on my featured project page. If you have any questions about my PHP programming services or you would like to discuss your project’s programming requirements, you can reach me using the inquiry form below or at the email address on this page. You can also click here to request a completely free detailed quote.