PHP Programming

PHP Programming

PHP is a scripting language used to generate dynamic content on your website. When combined with SQL queries, it allows your website to interact with a database to retrieve, display, modify, and store information. It can also be used to make arithmetic calculations, sort data, upload or download files, send emails, and perform many other useful tasks.

PHP Coding
I use PHP to write the software that makes a website function according to a client's specific requirements. One such example is the digital photo competition system that I built using PHP. Among other things, this system allows users to upload image files that are checked for certain criteria. If kosher, the image is saved and the image meta data (camera type, aperture, shutter speed, etc.) is stored in the database.
The PHP programming language is used to accomplish all of the behind-the-scenes tasks a website needs to perform.

Below is a sampling of the website features I've coded using PHP:

  Custom data entry forms for inserting, updating, or deleting MySQL database information
  CMS tools for filtering, sorting & displaying database info
  File uploader for image and text files
  Digital image files exported from the server to a .zip file
  Database information exported to .xls file
  Alphabetized member directory sorted by clickable letters
  Newsletter email generation with cc, bcc, attachments, and embedded images
  Custom defined user roles with configurable page permissions

Read more about the work I've done with PHP on my featured project page. If you have any questions about my PHP programming services or you would like to discuss your project's programming requirements, you can reach me using the inquiry form below or at the email address on this page. You can also click here to request a completely free detailed quote.